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shinigamis_cult's Journal

Cult of Shinigami
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This is the Cult of Shinigami! You don't have to be all that special to join. We prefer nerds, but as long as you enjoy random conversation, you should be all right here. We do, however, deplore unnecessary stupidity.

This incredibly interesting community is maintained by the following nerdettes:
tqoftu, or KT, master of mathematics and high priestess of Shinigami.
songtree, or Shee-rah, the geniously genious trekkie-hippie and blindly following athiest-believer.
valaria, or Val, the writer and grammar-goddess, and the constantly questioning but intensely curious follower.

The official Book of Shinigami. Nobody should see the movie. Everyone should read the book.

The Rules:
(The Cult reserves the right to kick you out of this community if these are broken.)

1. When it comes to the views of other members, please be considerate.
2. No R-rated content (PG-13 is all right though)
3. No being annoying. (don't worry--we will tell you if you are)
4.No being excessively morbid or depressing. Y'all have your own journals for that.