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Mon, Jan. 12th, 2004, 09:38 pm
songtree: KT's Shinigami Plug...

"Cult of Shinigami (Join now)
So this is the first entry in my live journal. I was forced into siging up for one by one of my friends. She then proceed to pressure me into joining a cult, though seeing how I was the one to have started the cult in real life, it was only fitting that I should be a member of the community journal. I believe everyone should join the cult. If you have any questions regarding who/what shinigami is, then you should just forget about them. Come up with your own definition, and then the Cult of Shinigami can be for everyone (unless you are an atheist, in that case you're doomed anyway and will suffer the wrath of shinigami anyway).So, as the High Preistess of the Cult of Shinigami, I urge you to join.

The Cult of Shinigami, the latest religious trend. Join now and you'll get: friends, a new religious affiliation, a headstart on the newest religion. The Cult of the Shinigami will be the world's religion in no time at all. Plus join within the next five minutes, and you'll become a Super Special person in the eys on Shinigami. Still not convinced? Wondering who/what Shinigami is? Well, fortunately for everyone, the definition of Shinigami can be formed to fit your own person needs. In other religions, you are required to pray through something, but in the Cult of Shinigami, you can speak directly to Shnigami. Join now!!!"

hahaha..are you interested in our nerd god?....if so join join join....random poeple who like alot of stuff, we are real people...i dunno...not like inflatable or sumthing...well i really cant think of n e thing that isnt pillaged of Kt...so til i can..ttfn